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Our family

Meet the

VarKin Family

In order to truly understand “What We Do” it is helpful to know “Who We Are”

The name “VarKin” is derived from “Var” meaning “Our” and “Kin” meaning “Family” 

Together, VarKin represents “Our Family” business


For us, VarKin is more than a business endeavor.  

Every product and service we provide is a representation of our family and what we stand for.  

VarKin is a representation of our principles, values, goals,

and desire to leave the world a little better than how we found it.  

That is who we are, that is VarKin!





VarKin was formed to meet the complex and fast-moving needs of the modern healthcare services industry.  The founding partners bring to VarKin significant backgrounds in healthcare, behavioral science, business, systems, and information technology.  Together, we bring decades of healthcare experience and integrated expertise.  


Our goal is to provide solutions to support the needs of the healthcare industry. More precisely, VarKin strives to take the complex challenges facing modern healthcare, and provide seamless, cutting-edge solutions.

VarKin's most popular service is our Turnkey POL Program. Our ability to seamlessly integrate high complexity molecular RT-PCR testing via our turnkey POL installation and management program has allowed physicians the ability to provide once impossible molecular diagnostics in their current office. 


Physicians can now precisely identify pathogens in their patients in a fraction of the time of traditional culture based diagnostics.  True to VarKin’s mission, this provides enhanced diagnostics which facilitate faster and more accurate infection treatment.  The result is improved patient outcomes, elimination of unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions, and an improved healthcare system. 


VarKin offers additional programs including organizational consultations and practice management services, as well as products such as enhanced AI X ray technology, laser-based treatment options, enhanced office and patient management programs, and additional diagnostic and treatment enhancements.  We continuously provide updates on cutting-edge products and services to our physician clients as soon as they're available in a turnkey program.


VarKin knows first hand how busy medical practices can be, so we take immense pride in our clients ability

to rest assured, knowing VarKin has taken on all of the leg work of installing a high complexity POL for their office. We take this on so our physician clients and partners in the medical field can get back to doing what they do best, and that is treating their patients with the highest level of care possible!

About Us

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